Il Barbiere di Siviglia was played on the XXth Lyrics Days of Chartres. A wonderful success with  Les voyages Extraordinaires orchestra and its excellent conductor Joachim Jousse.(Translation)
Hélène Molinier
La République du Centre, Se
ptember 2008

Joachim Jousse conducted with a mixture of classicism and modernity the forty five virtuosos, all professional musicians, who interpreted works chosen by the audience. " It is a remarkable orchestra. The musicians are brilliant and the conductor is generous and accessible. He manages to pass on his passion and his enthusiasm ", commented Jean-Paul Méret, satisfied with his evening. (Translation)
Sylviane Privitera,
L'écho républicain, July /2007

The Symphony No 4 of Beethoven was the biggest challenge of the evening.
It must be said that Joachim Jousse is a young remarkable conductor! His conducting is sober, precise and pleasant to see. Brilliant one career awaits him, as well as for this new orchestra full of promises. (Translation)
La République du Centre, 2006

This young very promising conductor is indeed this year the guest of the Orchestre National de Lorraine. Joachim Jousse thus came to interpret notably two Vietnamese tales put in music by the French composer of Vietnamese origin Ton That Tiet. It was unmistakably a big musical event.
 A grand moment, true art, an intense emotion expressed by the group in perfect unisson. (Translation)
L’Est Républicain, janvier 2004

The music lovers overwhelmed by the performance of the Orchestre National de Lorraine conducted by commanding hand by Joachim Jousse. Die Zauberfloete (The Magic Flute) of very famous Mozart opened this concert of an exceptional quality. The inspirations of the Orchestra conducted by Joachim Jousse took the public, judging from the warm and enthusiastic applauses which all the virtuosos of the orchestra received. (Translation)
L’Est Républicain, novembre 2002

The Cirque de Giuseppe at Carreau de Forbach by the Orchestre National de Lorraine.
In the heart of the music, colors cry out to each other and sounds collide. Source of feelings, the Orchestra conducted by Joachim Jousse grows rich in initiatives and contacts with the young public to open in most large number. (Translation)
Le Républicain Lorrain, novembre 2002

The Orchestre National de Lorraine enchants an audience of almost a thousand in Metz.
The Cirque de Giuseppe transported everyone into the magic universe of music and imagination. This work of Piotr Moss, French-Polish composer was very fast worked out, what is the pride of the maestro Joachim Jousse..
The tour of the Orchestre National de Lorraine which played not only at the Carreau de Forbach as well as at Epinal, but also played  a tour of seduction of all those present. (Translation)
Le Républicain Lorrain, décembre 2002

It was then the young French Conductor Joachim Jousse. His artistic superiority clearly asserted itself. He conducted  Radio Symphony Orchestra with a lot of peace and nature throughout the work and concluded Ma mère l’Oie (Ravel) by a magnificent, and controlled, crescendo.
What Joachim Jousse showed there makes me want to see more of him. (Translation)
 Utrechts Nieuwsblad, septembre 2000

During these two concerts, Joachim Jousse showed himself very convincing from the artistic point of view. The execution of the Symphony of Tchaïkovsky and the Miniature of Liadov was applaused by both the musicians of the orchestra and the public.
He has temperament, will and is tactful towards the orchestra, and at the same time demanding. His requirements in the interpretation are concrete and very precise and his artistic conception is obvious .(Translation)
Alla Weimer,  1998